Steve has worked in creative video and film production for over 16 years. He regularly produces creative content for broadcast and online platforms such as television dramas, game shows and music videos. The BBC is amongst the various organisations he has produced content for.

He is a highly skilled director, cinematographer, editor and audio specialist. However, one quality that really makes Steve stand out from the crowd is his creative capacity to envision and develop truly unique ideas and concepts.

Steve has been invited by Apple (UK) as a guest speaker to give in-depth talks on video production.

The seated guest list comprised of senior staff from The BBC, ITV Birmingham and numerous production companies.

With a wealth of qualifications under his belt including electrical engineering, and a B.A. (Hons) in Graphic Communication, he is a great person to have around when technology refuses to cooperate. His technical and general knowledge is truly fascinating and Steve has been dubbed the walking encyclopaedia.


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